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Prime Bi-Folds can provide Bi-Folding doors suitable for corners enabling you to open up more than one wall and helping to bring a lot of light into your room.  
We have Bi-Fold's in a variety of configurations suitable for different sized rooms you can also choose the position of where the door will open. All of the Bi-Fold doors we offer were created within the UK and are bespoke made to measure to ensure they fit your home perfectly. We can supply and fit Bi-Folds throughout Devon and the surrounding areas. 
20 Year Guarantee on all Bi-Folding Doors. 
You can view our Corner Bi-Folding doors in person by visiting our showroom in Holsworthy, North Devon. 
We supply and Fit our Bi-Folds throughout Devon and the surrounding areas. 
Call us to discuss which would be best suited for your needs. Tel: 01409 259866 

Configurations we can provide include 

2 and 1  
Opening Out 
2 and 2 
Opening Out 
2 and 3  
Opening Out 
3 and 3 
Opening Out 
4 and 1 
Opening Out 
5 and 2 
Opening Out 
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